If your company hires a new employee, all you need to do is notify us, and we will provide them with standardized, ready-to-use hardware. Correspondingly, if an employee leaves your company, we will collect their hardware. The monthly fee for the hardware is easy to adjust in accordance with the actual number of employees in your company.

DaaS benefits for the customer:

  • No fixed-term agreements or commitment
  • The costs are scalable, based on the actual number of employees
  • The company has functional tools at all times

Daa is a concept that combines hardware, software and life-cycle services into solutions that save time and increase efficiency. This service is suitable for companies of all sizes that don’t want to spend time on acquiring hardware. The company doesn’t need to use its equity or a leasing company to own hardware.

We can purchase your old hardware at a competitive price as part of the implementation of the service, meaning that all the hardware in your company can be replaced in one go. Or you can choose to use your current hardware until the end of its life cycle, in which case the service can be implemented gradually.

No fixed-term agreements. No sanctions when returning hardware. We own the hardware, meaning that it doesn’t burden your balance sheet, nor is it presented as a liability in accounting. Easy and efficient.

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