You can use our management and monitoring services as a combination, or you can purchase management and monitoring separately. Our services can be connected to systems in your Data Centre or integrated into public or private cloud services.

Monitoring ensures rapid responses

Our service monitors systems, network hardware, and applications effectively. You will no longer need a technical monitoring system of your own, nor will you need to worry about its continuous development. We will always forward alarms to you or a party designated by you. If needed, we will also provide expert assistance with troubleshooting.

Around-the-clock functionality

Through our management service, we will take care of troubleshooting and repairing servers and network hardware in cooperation with you, in accordance with the service levels specified in our agreement. Our management service is particularly suitable for organizations providing services outside standard office hours. Our service is also useful when your IT experts need to focus on more productive tasks than resolving basic issues. Our service also includes information security updates and continuous development.

Comprehensive expert and training services

We take pride in developing our customers’ IT environments. By developing your information technology, we ensure that IT serves your business operations and that your technology solutions are up to date. We also offer expert and consulting services related to server and network hardware, Microsoft environments, virtualization and information security.

All of our services have transparent monthly fees, with no requirement to commit to a fixed-term agreement.

Interested in management and monitoring services?

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