The Tietokeskus online store offers a wide range of ICT devices and peripherals for corporate and public sector customers. In fact, we have a selection of more than 100,000 ICT products from where to choose from.

Do you spend countless hours at work purchasing devices for your company? Is IT-purchasing de-centralized where IT, business units and end-users all purchase devices and accessories at will?

Our online store was developed together with customers to make the purchasing process easy and manageable. It’s packed with features that considerably lighten the workload of the person in charge of device acquisitions.

  • Tailored features to meet your company’s needs. We are not fans of guessing games, which is why we always ask our customers directly what works for them and what doesn’t, and we continuously improve our online store according to the feedback.
  • Possibility to order devices covered by your contract. We can create product packages that meet your needs, both in terms of features and pricing.
  • Order your devices set up and ready to use. We go through your company’s needs with you and deliver your devices set up, so your IT expert can put their feet up and relax. (Or focus on other, more urgent matters – it’s your call! 💻)
  • Share the responsibility for device acquisitions. Assign the responsibility for device acquisitions to supervisors or directly to the employees who need the devices and let your IT department focus on development tasks.

Online store built to meet your company’s needs

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible to purchase and order devices, and thus help alleviate the workload for the IT department. These features make it happen.

You can procure products from our online store as a one-off purchase, at contract prices or as financed (or leased) products with your chosen financing partner, invoiced on a monthly basis.

When you order products covered by your contract, we create product packages that meet your needs, both in terms of features and pricing. The products with contractual prices are available for easy ordering from their dedicated section in the online store.

Alternatively, you can select from a range of service and lease contracts with monthly fees. We can show the monthly lease fee based on the contract you have with your selected financing company in our online store.

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Assign the responsibility for device acquisitions to supervisors or directly to the employees who need the devices and let your IT department focus on development tasks. As the admin user of your account in our online store, you can create accounts with limited access rights to them.

To control the budget, order management and number of orders, you can deploy an approval chain that ensures proper approvals and acknowledgements for each and every purchase. Select default products, create the approval chain and assign login credentials to those who need them – it’s as simple as that!

We naturally also support integrations to Active Directory for users and access management with SSO.

Create lists or carts with your favorite products to make it even easier to order the devices your staff need.

You can use lists of default products to ensure that even those who are not that IT-savvy can select the devices that best meet your budget and your employees’ needs.

Our experts assist you in selecting your devices and placing your order via the live chat in the online store.

Ask us anything about the online store or our product range in the chat – we will always respond quickly (and usually pretty accurately, too!)

At your request, we can also create a connection to integrate our online store to your company’s IT system, which makes it even easier to manage users and access rights, enables a quicker ordering process, and facilitates signing in (SSO).

Examples of the integrations that we can provide include:

  • Azure AD
  • Various procurement systems.

Would you like us to deal with the entire hassle related to your company’s devices?

No problem. We can handle the entire life cycle of your devices, from the procurement and ordering process to service and maintenance required every now and then, and finally, to the recycling of the device at the end of its service life. After we have agreed on the specifications, you can simply order the devices you need from our online store for a fixed monthly fee.

Our product portfolio covers more than 100,000 ICT products to meet all the needs of your employees and facilities. Printers, displays, cables – you name it, we’ve got it. Define the kinds of product packages you usually need and order the set you want, all at the click of a mouse button.

Great deals and transparent costs

You can choose how you want to use our online store – in close collaboration with us, to order your contractual or leased devices, or to make one-off purchases whenever the need arises. Whatever works best for you! The complete cost transparency also makes it easier for you to budget your IT costs for the coming years.

All your invoices in one place

The use of our online store makes costs more predictable. When all invoices come from one place, it is easy to keep up with purchases.

Wave goodbye to unexpected accounts of expenses and other end-of-year surprises.

Clear reports on purchases

Our online store provides you with detailed reports on your company’s device purchases, which makes it even simpler to budget and optimize costs for the coming year.

Interested in a Tietokeskus online store customer account?

It’s a breeze to create your credentials and start using our online store. The store is open to all Finnish companies and organizations. Existing customer accounts or other contracts with Tietokeskus are not required.

The services at the Tietokeskus online store are aimed at organizations that employ a minimum of about 20 office employees.

Want to know more about our online store?

We’ll be happy to provide you with more information on the features of our online store and the possibilities it opens up.