Solution for resource challenges

Up-to-date asset management requires a lot of resources when using the traditional model based on a configuration management database and inventory tools. Typically, comprehensive technical information is available about the hardware, but scarce information is available to financial management, for example.

Our Tarkka management system offers a comprehensive SaaS solution for managing changes in the user, usage, ownership and location information of IT hardware. Tarkka is designed for organizations with over 2000 PCs. hardware assets can be examined in real-time from the perspectives of different operations, and the information can be applied to the planning of purchases and financing.

Predictability through automation

Service automation updates information and sends an alert about exceptional situations that require a response from the customer or service provider. Alerts are sent when the financing agreement, warranty or agreed-upon usage time ends, for example. This enables you to start planning the hardware replacement process in good time.

As an additional service, we offer an internal location service for IT hardware. This improves the efficiency of support and maintenance functions in large units. hardware can be replaced more quickly when no time needs to be spent on locating the hardware.

Controlled implementation

When implementing the service, we study the customer’s operating environment and optimize processes, as well as taking control of the IT hardware to be transferred. This means technical stocktaking and also includes expert work, if necessary.

During the implementation, we use the Tarkka management system for the necessary integrations into key life-cycle and hardware management systems and into financing partners’ systems. This ensures that the information about ownership and usage is always up to date. When there is accurate information about the number and type of hardware and its users and usage, the information can also be applied to the management and planning of software assets.

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