The right technology for business needs

We can determine the correct office tools for everyday use and the best methods for utilising them effectively. End devices are not a problem for us. Solutions for managing workstations and mobile devices are currently available locally or in cloud form – for example, via Intune or SCCM. You can also leave the implementation, migration and identity management of new technologies to us.

We also know about the challenges of working remotely, so whether you’re working at home, in a hotel or elsewhere, we have the tools for users on the move.

A comprehensive product package

Worried about system platforms, cloud or data security? Our expertise covers the top IT infrastructure technologies from data centre server capacities to end devices and their management tools.

Cloud services are one of many methods for us. We provide assistance for design, deployment, audits and optimisation.

We never leave the customer on their own

We plan our solutions to be easily complemented by high-quality support services. Avoiding liability is not our intention.

We at Tietokeskus also offer comprehensive support and maintenance services, so you won’t have to worry about them. Our services cover end-user support services, device lifecycle management, data centre services, and the acquisition of devices and licences.

Expertise, vision and experience

Our consultants innovatively combine expertise, vision and experience to benefit our customers by developing and optimising their IT infrastructure. Modern IT infrastructure technology is our core competency. We only take the best: our consultants are experts in their respective fields.

Interested in consulting solutions?

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