Our consultants innovatively combine expertise, vision and experience to benefit our customers by developing and optimising their IT infrastructure.  Modern IT infrastructure technology is our core competency. We only take the best: our consultants are experts in their respective fields.


Our solutions offer comprehensive packages to improve the IT environment and to fully utilise technology, regardless of the location or method.

We are professionals in matters related to data centres and cloud infrastructure. We offer expertise, vision and experience, with different cloud solutions for our customers.



We have created specific methods to ensure the quality and speed of implementation. Our methods ensure implementation is achieved to the given schedule, and that no additional costs are incurred.

The solutions made by Tietokeskus can be implemented through several different methods – for example, by utilising the Learn By Doing or Turnkey concepts.



How should IT infrastructure be developed? Organisations often have a difficult time recognising the new technologies that will yield the greatest benefits.

While they may find solutions to problems themselves, this often takes too much time. Our Mentoring service helps organisations find the best solutions to develop their IT infrastructure.


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