An IT service company

Tietokeskus is an IT services company founded in 1989. Our customers include both the public sector and small to medium-sized companies in Finland. Our turnover in 2022 was EUR 129 million. We serve our customers with our 450-strong with a fearless and positive attitude, believing in being actively present in our customers’ day-to-day operations. That’s why you’ll find us serving our customers locally in 11 different Finnish cities. In addition to our local resources, our nationwide expertise, with in-depth competence, is always available to you.

Services for SMB’s and the public sector

We offer services covering all the IT needs of small and medium-sized companies in Finland. Priced on a monthly basis, with no hidden costs and no fixed-term contractual obligations. Our customers have thanked us for the flexibility and comprehensiveness of our services, and particularly for our kind and capable support of end-users.

We are one of Finland’s largest hardware suppliers for the public sector with a market share of approx. 30%. Our customers include municipalities, cities, schools, healthcare districts, and universities. Our public sector customers have thanked us for our quick response time, flexibility and customer-centered approach.

Tietokeskus is a reliable partner in an ever-changing world

The IT sector is undergoing one of its biggest upheavals in decades. Digitalization is continually bringing new requirements and demands for small and medium-sized companies. Internal IT has less and less time to focus on day-to-day routine IT tasks. It is now particularly important for the customers IT organization to have reliable partners to help to handle both day-to-day issues, but also to assist in the development projects. And actively provide reliable and impartial knowledge about the new possibilities offered by IT.

Cloud services are an increasingly important way for companies to use business applications. We help our customers find and implement the solutions that are right for them.

Digitalization is also changing the world from a competence perspective.  The competition for skilled workers is accelerating, and qualified people are challenging to find and retain. For us, it is a critical success factor to be the best employer in our sector for IT professionals. This allows us to guarantee that we have the skilled people working for us and that our competence will always stay up-to-date going forward.

We believe having a reliable partner and the right services will allow you and your employees to reach your full potential and excel your competitors.