Mika Enberg has been appointed as a member of the Tietokeskus Board of Directors from 5 December 2018.
Mika Enberg has had a remarkable career in international IT and mobile device firms both in Finland and internationally. He has previously worked as the CEO of Dell EMC Finland and in several senior leadership positions at Intel.

Mika Enberg

“I’m delighted to have Mika Enberg as a board member. Mika has over 30 years’ experience in both domestic and international IT companies and provides a strong vision of the field for implementing strategy at Tietoskeskus,” says Timo Hiltunen, Chairman of the Board at Tietokeskus.

Tietokeskus has grown rapidly in recent years, both organically and through acquisitions. Tietokeskus employs more than 300 people in eleven cities in Finland. In 2019, Tietokeskus will strengthen its strategy to become a more versatile IT service provider for small and medium-sized companies in Finland.

“I joined the Tietokeskus team because I believe that a focus on locality, services and expertise provides excellent conditions for growth and development. I’m happy to be part of a Finnish success story and to provide the company with my own experience and expertise,” Mika Enberg says.

More information:

Timo Hiltunen, Chairman of the Board
+35840 056 8996

Tietokeskus in brief

Tietokeskus is a Finnish IT company founded in 1989. It provides its customers with IT development and security support, data centre and cloud services, and devices and licences for a fixed and flexible monthly fee without fixed-term contracts. We have more than 300 specialists, who are delighted to serve our customers in 11 cities. In 2017, the turnover of Tietokeskus was EUR 74 million, with an operating margin of 10%.