Our Managed Workstation Service ensures that your workstations are always available and secure, new programs are used as agreed and that your business is not threatened. We share software changes and new programs to users’ pre-installed workstations remotely and safely packaged. Files are transferred using only the best programs available on the market. If a program cannot or should not be packaged, our user support can install it.

Our workstation support also covers 2nd and 3rd line support, where we investigate an event and, if necessary, contact our partners such as Microsoft or the supplier of the device in order to solve the issue.

We also provide comprehensive expert, training and consulting services for developing the workstation environment. We provide extensive mapping and design work, migrations, deployments of new workstations, security as well as training and consulting regarding the newest developments in system administration.

We recommend getting workstations via our lifecycle service, which acquires, pre-installs and delivers devices and installs them to the customer’s network and provides instructions if necessary.

With our assistance, your workstations will function properly, changes are made efficiently and in a controlled fashion and the security level is always up-to-date. Our workstation administration services have transparent monthly pricing without the need for fixed agreements.

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