Our Learn by Doing method combines the development of expertise and the deployment of new technologies. Our Turnkey method is the easiest and safest method of deploying new services: the end result, price and schedule are agreed, with no additional costs. We ensure that we stay on the agreed schedule and that no additional costs are incurred.

Learn by Doing

Learn by Doing is the most cost-effective method that guarantees the best end result for developing expertise and deploying new technologies. We combine expert training and deployment of technologies to most benefit our customers’ business.

The Learn by Doing method is a good option for training courses and traditional consulting. By working with the customer, we ensure fast and effective learning in the customer’s own environment. The method can be used to implement deployment and migration projects for almost all difficult technologies.


The easiest and safest method of deploying new services means the end result, price and schedule are agreed with no additional costs. The Turnkey concept ensures the safe and easy implementation of migration and deployment projects.

The Turnkey concept involves offering fixed-price deployment according to specific offers with no additional costs. The price covers the actual consulting, as well as travel costs and other costs involved in implementing the project. The method increases the cost-effectiveness of deploying services, and the concept can be used to implement the deployment and transition projects of nearly any Microsoft technology.

Expertise, vision and experience

Our consultants innovatively combine expertise, vision and experience to benefit our customers by developing and optimizing their IT infrastructure. Modern IT infrastructure technology is our core competency. We only take the best: our consultants are experts in their respective fields.

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