Improving data security, implementing user and device management, improving management efficiency, automation and reducing costs. How should IT infrastructure be developed? These questions and answers could be solved if there was the only time. The Mentoring service provides assistance in solving these challenges.

Development and optimization

Our Mentoring service helps to identify and remove weak points in IT infrastructure. Our mentors help you develop your IT infrastructure in a planned and systematic fashion. We will also help you to keep up with technological development and to recognize the most beneficial techniques for your IT infrastructure.

Decision making

The internet is full of information and opinions for and against everything. For organizations, however, every case varies. Situations arise where decisions must be made. Our extensive experience allows us to provide an unbiased view on how well products, services, and technologies fit your organization’s needs.

Where should you start?

It is recommended to start the service with an agreed audit of the current situation. The audit’s conclusions form the basis of the goals, contents, and scheduling of the first workshops.

The scheduling, themes, and durations of workshops are always agreed with the customer first. They can be arranged monthly or quarterly, for example. Workshops may focus on the following themes: The current situation, weak points and possible developments of the IT infrastructure, the newest techniques and the possibilities they bring or the most relevant matters regarding IT infrastructure.

Mentoring supports development, optimization and decision making. Additional examples of the service include improving data security, utilizing cloud services and supporting the development of expertise.

Expertise, vision and experience

Our consultants innovatively combine expertise, vision and experience to benefit our customers by developing and optimizing their IT infrastructure. Modern IT infrastructure technology is our core competency. We only take the best: our consultants are experts in their respective fields.

Interested in mentoring?

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