Turun Tietokeskus Oy is now Tietokeskus Finland Oy. Tietokeskus is preparing to change its name to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the city of Turku in 2029, and predicts that both the company and Turku will grow significantly over the next ten years. With the new name, there will be space to grow and provide services to even more customers in the future.

All the Skype and email addresses at Tietokeskus will change: they will use the .fi suffix instead of or the .com suffix. Email will be delivered to the recipient with both addresses. Skype and Microsoft Teams will only work with a .fi suffix, however. We have also updated the websites and the company’s graphic representation.

All our customer services will remain the same. The name will only change in invoices. The business ID and address will also remain the same. Should you need to send us a letter in the old-fashioned way, please send it using the company’s new name.

Tietokeskus – Our job is to help bring you joy and success from IT

Tietokeskus is a Finnish IT company founded in 1989. It provides its customers with IT development and security support, data center and cloud services, and devices and licenses for a fixed and flexible monthly fee without fixed-term contracts. We have more than 200 experts, who are delighted to serve our customers in 11 cities. In 2017, the turnover of Tietokeskus was EUR 74 million, with an operating margin of 10%.

Contact information:

Samuli Lindström – Business Director, South
Tietokeskus Finland Oy
Telephone: +35840 749 4006
Email: samuli.lindstrom@tietokeskus.fi