Pankkiiriliike Group automated its Windows 10 installations, ensuring the operating system’s swift and easy deployment. The consultants at Tietokeskus also trained Alexandria’s specialists to use the features and functionalities of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

Utilising the Learn by Doing Method of Tietokeskus meant the deployment of the new technology was finished in a few days. The consultants of Tietokeskus visited Alexandria, where they ensured the smooth deployment of the new technology while training Alexandria’s specialists in maintaining the new system. After the actual deployment, the specialists of Tietokeskus provided support to the customer with questions related to the system’s use and updates.

The customer saved a considerable amount of time thanks to Tietokeskus. The new device’s installation was finished in a matter of minutes instead of hours.  The Learn by Doing method ensures an easy and cost-effective transition to the use of new technologies in the customer’s own environment.

Sami Ropponen, a consultant at Tietokeskus, is satisfied with the smoothness of the deployments: “We delivered a new system to the customer in the agreed time and at the agreed price. The project was completed so smoothly that, in addition to the actual deployment, we were able to complete a few extra tasks, like the automated installations of the Office 365 packages for the customer’s new Windows 10 devices.”

Alexandria’s IT Manager Timo Partanen considers the Learn by Doing method the perfect solution for starting the Windows 10 implementation project:

“Our IT support department has received training in the newest Windows distribution techniques from the professionals of Tietokeskus. We received a readymade distribution channel for operating system updates, and our personnel was also taught new techniques. With Tietokeskus, negotiating project-related matters and customising the project to suit our schedules and resources also went smoothly.”

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike

Alexandria Pankkiiriliike Oyj is a privately owned Finnish investment firm founded in 1996. Alexandria has 27 offices in Finland and employs over 300 people. The Alexandria group is formed of Alexandria Pankkiiriliike and its subsidiaries Alexandria Rahastoyhtiö and Alexandria Markets, with the latter specialising in structured investment products.