Meyer Turku had already acquired their computers directly from the manufacturer. The company wished to increase flexibility in device deliveries and ensure the constant availability of IT devices and shorten times. This required a reliable local partner with a nationwide support network.

This far, Tietokeskus has delivered more than 2,000 new workstations with accessories to Meyer in a comprehensive DaaS contract. Tietokeskus owns all the devices used by the customer, and its services ensure their availability and usability. This means that all IT hardware can be utilized as OPEX instead of CAPEX or treated as a leasing liability.

The service chain became leaner without requiring a separate lease financing partner. The devices do not require a fixed-term commitment, and they can be used and returned as required with Mayer only paying a fixed monthly fee per device in use.

“It’s a matter of honor to us to make the customer’s life easier. As we own all the devices used by Meyer, it’s in our interest to keep matters simple and problem-free. That’s why we use only high-quality long-lasting devices from well-known manufacturers,” says Ari Salminen, the person responsible for customers.

Rami Kokkala, who is responsible for end-device services at Meyer Turku Oy, has the following to say about the partnership:

“The service model of Tietokeskus suits us perfectly. If we need, say, a computer for a trainee, we can get it easily with a monthly fee and return it after the training period. Tietokeskus is a local service house, which provides us with flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Standardized device models, a functioning order portal and a designated responsible person ensure that the service can adapt to changing situations here.”

Meyer Turku

METER TURKU OY is owned by METER WERFT and is one of Europe’s leading shipbuilding companies. The Turku shipyard was built in 1737.

The company provides high-tech solutions, well-developed construction processes and pioneering innovations for cruise operators and other ship owners.