Finnish ICT services company Tietokeskus Finland Oy acquires MPY Yrityspalvelut Plc, a provider of IT services to SMEs and public administration, from MPY Cooperative. The acquisition supports Tietokeskus’ growth strategy and further strengthens the company’s position as the fastest growing provider of ICT services to SMEs. The acquisition will bring the company’s turnover to around 130 million euros and the number of employees to 500. Tietokeskus and MPY Yrityspalvelut will form the largest domestic player in ICT services for SMEs after the acquisition.

MPY Yrityspalvelut provides IT services to SMEs and public sector organisations nationwide. The company is headquartered in Mikkeli and employs 112 people. Its turnover in 2022 was around 26 million euros. MPY Yrityspalvelut has been owned by MPY Osuuskunta.

”We welcome 112 top-class experts to Tietokeskus. We are the fastest growing ICT services company in the market, and the core of our strategy is to also support growth through acquisitions. We are strengthening our national position by expanding to new locations, especially in Eastern Finland, where MPY has a strong foothold. This acquisition takes us towards our goal of being the market leader and the most profitable provider of ICT services for SMEs in Finland,” says Janne Lipiäinen, CEO of Tietokeskus.

”The ICT sector is consolidating strongly under the leadership of large players like Tietokeskus. Purchasing basic IT as a service from a single partner is growing rapidly among SMEs. Today, an ICT service provider must be large enough to meet the growing demands of SMEs in terms of cloud, security and certifications. Together with MPY, we will form the largest Finnish ICT services provider for SMEs, which will be able to serve its customers even more extensively,” Lipiäinen continues.

For Tietokeskus, 2022 was a record year. Its turnover increased by 19 per cent to 102 million euros from the previous year. A significant part of this growth came from new service sales to SMEs. In 2022, Tietokeskus recruited 100 new employees, bringing the total number of employees to almost 400, and after the acquisition the company will employ 500 experts in Finland. Tietokeskus aims to reach a turnover of 150 million euros in 2026.

Tietokeskus is a strong specialist in basic IT and provides IT services and equipment to companies and public administrations nationwide. Its customers include Marimekko, Honkarakenne, Enersense, City of Helsinki and the HUS Group.

Further information:
Janne Lipiäinen, CEO
Tietokeskus Finland Oy
+358 40 510 9117

Juha Häkämies, CEO
MPY Osuuskunta
+358 44 019 0500


Tietokeskus is a strong specialist in basic information technology. We provide IT services and the equipment to businesses and public administrations across the country. We employ nearly 400 professionals in 9 different locations around Finland. Tietokeskus’s turnover in 2022 was €102 million.

MPY Yrityspalvelut provides IT services to SMEs and public sector organisations nationwide. It has been 100% owned by MPY Cooperative. It employs around 100 people and had a turnover of ca. €26 million in 2022.