Molok wants to focus on its own business and thus decided to outsource all its IT services to Tietokeskus. This way, they could refrain from hiring 1–2 in-house professionals while maintaining modern and up-to-date IT solutions.

Molok, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, is a designer and producer of waste management solutions. Its environmentally friendly Molok® waste management systems are exported into over 40 countries, to millions of people around the globe. It has been a client of Tietokeskus since 2017.

Molok’s Chief Financial Officer, Teuvo Halonen, also works as the Head of IT.

“Our company’s administration has a relatively small organization, so we found it natural for the finance department to own the tasks of the head of IT. Administrative matters, such as GDPR regulations pertaining to data protection, are often closely related to IT,” Halonen explains.

Besides himself, the company has one person familiar with IT matters, responsible for the ERP system. Development projects are headed by an external, part-time head of information management. Otherwise, all daily IT services are covered by Tietokeskus.

“Without the outsourcing, we would have faced hiring 1–2 persons to run IT matters,” Halonen estimates.

Outsourced IT a relief to an organization with small administration

“Since we don’t have our own IT expertise or organization, we needed a partner. We are good at making deep collection containers and wanted to focus on this. We wanted to outsource this area to IT professionals, who are more skilled at it than us.”

Tietokeskus supplies Molok with all IT equipment, M365 products and F-Secure’s data security services. The same package also includes a help desk and on-site support, along with data center services.

“Tietokeskus has an excellent help desk. We often have a range of IT needs and issues, and if we are unable to solve them, Tietokeskus always provides expert assistance quickly. The help desk can be reached via e-mail or phone, and the response often comes quickly over the phone,” Halonen says.

“Our IT issues are often related to devices and, for example, renewing licenses. When we have a new employee, we order pre-installed hardware through Tietokeskus. All special needs are handled through a familiar contact person. The majority of our servers are also in Tietokeskus’ data centers.”

Outsourcing provides Molok with economic benefits, predictability and security

“The most notable benefit is having a reliable partner give us the chance to focus on our core expertise. It is smart both financially and resource-wise to outsource an area, where we are not experts. This way, one everyday concern for the company has been handed over to professionals.”

Long-term collaboration and an extensive solution from a single partner is not only easy for Molok but also a relief for predictability and budgeting.

“Especially in today’s environment, data security is a crucial question concerning all companies. All devices, starting from cellphones, need to be protected. We can always handle such matters through Tietokeskus – sometimes they do everything, and sometimes we collaborate with experts recommended by them.” 

Up-do-date IT infra, effortlessly

Halonen is very pleased with the smooth service. The company is relieved to have the rapidly evolving field of IT in the hands of a trusted partner. Tietokeskus ensures that Molok uses modern equipment, systems and IT solutions.

“The IT sector is constantly under change, and new requirements are certain. It is easy to work these things out with Tietokeskus. We have a Teams meeting with Tietokeskus every three months. During the meetings, we evaluate the situation: how IT is functioning, what is unfinished and what still needs to be improved,” Halonen sums up.

“Tietokeskus keeps us informed of the areas we need to focus on, and together we find the best solution for each situation. It was because of their consultation that we introduced multi-factor authentication, which is important for data security.”

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