Tamtron Oy’s own server room had come to the end of its lifecycle. Servers maintained in the data center caused disruptions for critical business services and data transfers. Tamtron updated its infrastructure together with Tietokeskus and, after faithful service, moved the server room to Tietokeskus. The change gave a boost to the company’s growth and operations on several levels.

Tamtron Oy is a company operating in the scaling industry, producing some of the most intelligent scale solutions in the market. On the Group level, the company employs 150 people and has subsidiaries around Europe.

Tamtron maintained its IT systems in its own server room for nearly 15 years. The systems, however, could not keep up with the company’s growth. Aged systems were starting to interfere with business. It was time to do an upgrade.

Business-critical infra had become a risk

Tamtron has one of the market’s most advanced scale applications, and it also marks the pillar of their business. For example, the excavation industry and mines use the application for scaling soil loads. After this, the scaling result is transferred wirelessly to Tamron’s own server room, or data center, where the data is picked up for other business systems.

Tamtron’s growth resulted in breaks in the company’s services and systems. The server would go down, which made service risky for both Tamtron and their clients.

“It’s not acceptable to have data available only at times. And it is not modern to run our own server room in a den,” notes Jouni Gustaffson, Chief Technology Officer at Tamtron. 

It was time to find a partner that could provide a data center for the company’s servers. Tietokeskus was selected as this partner. During the sales process, Tietokeskus’ willingness to serve and suitable size impressed Gustafsson.

“Tietokeskus scales along with our needs and size. They were cost-efficient and their customer service clearly signaled that we would be welcomed as a customer.”

Capable architects updated systems with no disturbance to business

Collaboration started when the server room was moved over to Tietokeskus. After this, Tamtron’s office infra was audited, and the up-to-dateness and functionality of the Microsoft AD environment and online information security were examinedt. The server equipment was one point of attention – it was decentralized and aged, unsuitable for cloud services. Thus, they were updated.

Looking back at the update project, Gustafsson remembers the IT architect’s high level of competence, in particular.

“Tietokeskus’ architect handled the server update very smoothly. The architect was a doer, not a talker – very flexible and got things done at all times. The work revealed a passion and strong expertise.”

Updates and changes were made at night to avoid disruptions to services and people’s work. The key was having a well-planned project.

“Tietokeskus had a seasoned project organization, and the project manager knew their business. The project was well planned, with a clear implementation. Not once did we need to worry about the work being finished.”

Success reflected in everyday operations and business

The data center enabled Tamtron to discontinue monitoring its own servers, which has made Gustafsson’s work easier. He was always the first to receive a call when things did not go as planned. Now his work is more carefree.

“I no longer have to constantly worry about a call telling me that the server is down. The change made my work quite a bit easier.”

The change has also helped in developing Tamtro’s business. The company started to grow before the change, but updates only accelerated the pace, Gustafsson says.

“It was only logical that we would outsource our data center. That part of our resources has now been outsourced, and we can focus on our core business.”

This focus has meant the improved quality and availability of services.

“Our people can focus on development projects and new features, as they no longer have to spend time on maintenance.”

Moving the data center has even resulted in a new image.

“A scale company is no data center administrator. For an organization of our size, running our own data center was a credibility issue internally. After the change, credibility inside the company in the eyes of subsidiaries has reached a whole new level.”

Constant development supports everyday work and saves time

After the data center project, Tamtron has also outsourced other IT services to Tietokeskus to invest in everyday knowledge work. They have implemented IT support and an M365 environment, for example. According to Gustafsson, Tietokeskus’ service model is just right for them. 

“Tietokeskus operates as the administrator, bearing all the responsibility. The helpdesk provides assistance remotely during office hours. It works extremely well, with a good response level. Even everyday problems with personal computers are easily and quickly resolved.”

Constant services and efficient background systems facilitate the burden of the IT director while enabling smooth everyday work for employees. This saves several employees’ time at best.

“If something is wrong with one’s computer, and though it may not interfere with the work itself, just acknowledging the problem may be time-consuming. Perhaps a colleague or two take a look at it as well. Even the smallest issue can take up energy. This is where Tietokeskus’ helpdesk has been a huge help.”

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